Hi, my name is Andres Bernal

Im a Colombian Filmmaker Based in Los Angeles California. I'm a young storyteller passionate about showing the world stories that will move them. Thank you so much for checking out my work. If you would like to make any comments on it or work by my side contact me.


To get in touch use the contact form at the bottom of the page.



" I'm Ready " (2023)

" A sip Of Coffee" (2024)

" True Love" (2024)

"Babushka". (2024)


"Animal Fan Music video" (2024)  /Dir.Andres Garcia

"DoordDash Spec comercial"  (2023) /  Dir. Courtney Meena

"The Inn Archives / Dir. Diego Galindo

"El Bar De Hernando"/Dir. Andres Bernal & Maria Paula Zuluaga

"Fleeting Echoes" 2024 / Dir. Mattia Partipilo


"Cheaters" (2023)/ Dir. Matheuz Sobollewski

"Robot one" (2023)/Dir Ayla Cuddihy

"The Odyssey Of A Failed Man"(2024)/Dir Jose Santiago Mier Angarita

"Doll Parts" (2024)/Dir Courtney Meena

"Hollow"(2024)/  Dir Patrick Brown

"Milo: The Voyage To Atlantis"- FF(2024)/Dir Maria Paula Gomez

"Joe cant quit his baby"(2024) /Dir Daniel Taran

"Haworthia"(2024)/ Dir. Andy M

"Tin Roof Rusted"(2024)/Dir. Maria Paula Gomez

"Lost Lullabies" (2024)/Dir.Karishma Devnani


"How to Spice Up Your Sex Life"(2023)/Dir.Marie Platel


Comercial Banco Caja Social / Production Company: Avenida Films

Comercial Similac /  Production Company: Avenida Films

Comercial La constancia /  Production Company: Avenida Films

Little Talks - Warner Music/ Dir. Sarah Brinceño

"Remembering Tomorrow"/Dir. Shein Chortimal

"The Heart's Eye" / Dir. Sriram Thiruvengadam

"Generation Well" / Dir Jack Serra

"Sought out" /Dir Jewell Hill

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