Camera: Red V raptor & 8mm

Lenses: Zeiss Super speed

When approaching this project with the Director Andres Garcia , we embarked on the idea of nostalgia and dreams. I decided to use a dream filter and to shoot with as many natural highlight as possible to get the unique soft shines that evoke an ethereal feeling. The director was set from the beginning on using 8mm film to evoke that beautiful touch of mixed media and nostalgia. In some way looking at the images trough the lens of present and past. As the Video advances we go from all the saturated pastel soft color to a more contrasted dark environment, matching the small narrative in the video of one of them dying from a car crash as well as the intensity of the music. Finally we also tried to avoid full body shots and give a sense of intimacy by cutting of the yes in various shots and focusing in close ups of the two lovers.

This is my favorite shot of the music video "  it feels like a love that burned passionately but disappeared like the ashes of the cigarettes"

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