Babushka - Fan Music video

Type: Music video


Synopsis.Babushka is a Hard techno song by Artist Indecorum. Mostly known in the closed world of hard synth industrial techno Indecorum is an emerging artist in the rave community.

Taking into account the genre of the song and the Babushka (grandmother- wise) meaning.

I've approached the song to give a music video heavily focused on visuals, vibrations, and polish culture.

Year:  2024

Cast: Beata Julia as Babushka

Camera: Red V Raptor

Directed & Produced: Andres Bernal

Written By: Andres Bernal

Produced by: Andres Bernal

Director of Photography:  Alonso Quintero Fregoso

1st AC: Aryan Sheth

2nd AC: Andres Garcia

1 Assistant Director: Matheuz Sobollewski

Colorist: Andres Bernal

KeyGrip: Kadir Mayel

Grip: Jesus Morales

Grip: Davide Dolfini

Gaffer: Anthony Zambrano

Location Sound: NA

Wardrobe: Fernando Broce

Production Designer:  Fernando Broce

Stills Photographer: Mariana Cruz

Music: Indecorum

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